Agate Sand Candle


Candles that hollow out as they burn and turn into reusable tea-light holders. With colours and textures inspired by the turquoise waters and fiery sunsets of our stunning West Australian beaches, and individually hand-crafted by a local artist, these candles glow from within as the flame dances behind the translucent agate stone window. Coated in crushed shell beach sand from our beautiful Margaret River region, the candle walls will hold their shape as the wax burns away inside, turning your candle into a tea- light holder you can continue to use and enjoy for years to come.

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Agate gemstones set into crushed shell sand-coated round pillar candles that hollow out as they burn and become reusable tea-light holders. Available in 6 agate colours: Blue, Teal, Green, Natural, Pink and Purple. Candle size: 95mm x 75mm. 100% paraffin. Burning time: Approximately 30hrs.
For Safe and Even Burning of your Agate Sand Candle:
* Place candle on a flat, heat-proof surface, out of reach of children and animals
* Trim wick to 1cm before lighting. Do not allow the wick to grow longer than 1cm when burning and never allow the candle to continue burning if the flame becomes enlarged
* Keep the candle away from draughts and flammable materials when burning * Never leave a candle burning unattended
* Extinguish flame using a candle snuffer or metal spoon
Helpful Tips When Using Your Agate Sand Candle
Tip 1: Never allow the flame to become enlarged, as this can lead to irregular burning of the candle walls. To maintain a gentle glow, ensure the candle wick is maintained at no longer than 1cm when burning.
Tip 2: Be sure to hold the candle at the base when picking it up or moving it, as the candle walls will soften and become "leathery" when hot. When the candle cools the walls will become rigid again.
Tip 3: Only place a tea-light inside the hollowed out candle once you are no longer burning the original candle, otherwise the slight warmth from the tea-light may cause the candle wick to become embedded in the wax and make it difficult to relight later.

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